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Here is my brief plan for the lessons.
For All, we will do the first three lines of the chorus of Country Roads- good if you can run the song (he has the CD and can use a CDplayer) before lesson properly starts. Need to remind HRT to pick a student who isn’t trying to do or trying least hard to sing the song to be the start person of Criss Cross.
For Year 6,  I will make a worksheet that has them draw a line from  the name associated with the pictures to the picture to the country associated with the picture.
I also thinking that I should make a worksheet for our new part of the lesson with usaeigo words. Maybe country, language, thing.
For Year 5, I will start with days of the week maybe do the Happy Day’s song (60’s themed TV show). Then we review the timetable words and do a Karuta game with me saying a day and period number for the regular timetable and they have to find the picture then try again with words. Hopefully that won’t go on too much and we can do activities and clubs. I have lots of photocopies. They can point what they do. Add in any other non-school based activities-juku or whatever.

Hi Ray Here is something we can add to either last lesson- I am thinking more likely Year 5  Year 5 can also have a make Christmas/New Year Timetable with activities like: wrap gifts play games put up decorations cook food write to Santa

Happy to include your Christmas flash cards.